Power Units

AB Fluid Power manufacture industrial hydraulic products to a unified standard worldwide: from small to extra large or customised power units for a wide range of applications – economical, reliable, safe.

Technically sophisticated power unit concepts, taken into consideration as early as the project design phase, result in leak-proof, maintenance friendly and low-noise hydraulic systems.With a high proportion of standard components hydraulic drive concepts are now even more attractive than ever. Whether a standard or special solution – customers benefit from AB Fluid Power’s decades of experience in the design and construction of hydraulic power units.

The basic power unit can be equipped with either fixed or variable displacement pumps including gear, vane and piston models. The hydraulic power unit pack can be configured for specific applications through the use of modular sub assemblies and provides:

Pressure Control – safety, optimised pump controls for energy efficient solutions including constant pressure, with options for both pressure and flow control including load-sensing capabilities.

Stored Energy – accumulator and accumulator discharge control, providing energy efficient solutions to meet both cyclic and emergency demand.

Fluid Conditioning – filtration, cooling and heating with comprehensive instrumentation for operation in demanding environments. Robust oil reservoirs to assist in an effective, compact oil distribution system.

Advanced interface capabilities – affording integration with diverse application requirements.

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